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What to do if your Caravan is Stolen

Since its foundation in 1992 CRiS has significantly contributed to the reduction in tourer thefts in the UK by making it much more difficult for thieves to disguise and sell on stolen caravans. However some thefts do still occur but having your caravan CRiS registered helps the police to identify the caravan as yours.

In the event of your caravan being stolen here’s what to do:

  • Contact the police and get a crime reference number
  • Advise your insurers immediately, providing them with details of the theft as well as your VIN number and other registration details
  • Notify the theft to the provider of any tracking device that may be fitted to your caravan
  • Notify CRiS of the incident on 0203 282 1000. This enables us to record it as stolen and to make that information available to those who may have an interest, such as other police forces or potential purchasers
  • Keep CRiS notified of any further developments so that we can keep our database up to date

Stolen caravan alerts are passed to specialists within the CRiS team who liaise with the police in the UK and Europe and other authorities to assist their investigations.


Taking your Touring Caravan Abroad

Travelling abroad with your caravan is a great experience; however, European (EC) Regulations in some mainland European countries require drivers to carry identification documents for road-going vehicles (i.e. tow car and trailer). Whilst not a legal requirement for UK caravans, we recommend that you carry your caravan registration document with you, in the event that you may be stopped by the authorities. The CRiS caravan registration document is proof that you are the registered keeper and are therefore entitled to use the caravan.

When travelling abroad:

  • Ensure that your caravan's licence plate is clearly visible
  • Make sure that you take the original or a copy of both your car and caravan insurance certificate
  • It is advisable to travel with your CRiS registration document or an official duplicate. The new anti-counterfeit CRiS registration document has security embedded, making it difficult to copy
  • Make sure that you keep the registration document in a safe place and not inside your caravan; preferably on your person
  • Have the appropriate documentation for the vehicle (car/van) towing the caravan
  • Abide by all traffic laws of the country you are visiting


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