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The Importance of CRiS Check

the importance of cris check

You can gain assurances that the touring caravan you plan to buy is exactly as it appears. CRiS Check will provide you with all the vital information needed, drawn from a comprehensive history check.

Start your CRiS Check

Simply enter the details of the caravan you are considering and CRiS will provide you with the following information needed to make well-informed decisions:
- The name of registered keeper
- If the caravan has been reported as stolen
- If it has outstanding finance
- If it has been written off by insurers

Without doing a CRiS Check on a pre-owned touring caravan, there is a risk that in the future you may become aware that it is a stolen product which is not rightfully yours despite buying it from what you thought was the caravan’s owner.

If the caravan does in fact have outstanding finance, the process of selling it is illegal as the owner does not technically own it and it is not there’s to sell. If you were to go ahead and buy a caravan with finance on it, you would still not own it, and the finance company that does would require the finance to be settled, potentially meaning you owe much more than you had thought!

The CRiS Check will also highlight if the caravan has been written off by insurers. If it in fact has been written off, it will be split into two sections:

1: CAT A or B, these caravans have sustained substantial damage and cannot be registered and should only be scrapped/used for spares.

2: CAT C or D, these caravans have sustained damage which requires a CRiS AWS workshop to inspect the caravan (after any repair) to confirm the caravan is clear to register.

CRiS also advise that any caravans with a CAT C or D should be inspected before being used on the roads.

These results can help determine your next step, with any caravan previously being written off potentially costing you thousands of pounds on top of what you may have already paid for it.

All of the information above helps builds an accurate picture of the caravans past, allowing you to be sure that you’re making a safe purchase. Without these checks you cannot be sure that the caravan you plan to buy is as it appears.

Start your CRiS Check online here for just £14.95