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Planning on buying a touring caravan? Make sure you read this guide to ensure you don’t get caught out.


If you are planning on buying a touring caravan the first thing you should do is to run a CRiS Check on it. The CRiS Check looks at the history of the touring caravan and provides useful information that can help you make informed decisions when it comes to buying.

The CRiS Check will provide information on:
- The name of the registered keeper.
- If the caravan you run the CRiS Check on has been reported as stolen.
- If the touring caravan has outstanding finance on it.
- If the touring caravan has been written off by insurers in the past.

All of this information can ensure you make the correct decision when it comes to buying.

Remember to always CRiS Check before you buy, to run a CRiS Check click here


When viewing the touring caravan you plan to buy check there are clear VIN markings on the bottom right hand corner of each window and a stamp on the chassis, these should not be scratched off. This is the caravans unique VIN Number which is registered to the caravan owner through the CRiS Registration Scheme and is transferred over to the new owner after purchase. Make sure the window and chassis markings match. They should consist of 17 digits if the touring caravan was manufactured after 1992. If you have any worries or concerns over the VIN Number of the touring caravan you are looking at, please contact CRiS and we can offer guidance and advice.


You should always ask to see the existing keepers registration documents, these will prove that they are who they say they are and that you know the touring caravan is registered to the CRiS database, this can then be transferred over to your name upon purchase for the fee of £15, more info on CRiS Registration can be found here 

If you do go ahead and buy the touring caravan, you may want to remind the current registered keeper to inform CRiS of the sale, this can be done by them filling out the CVR7 section of their registration document and sending back to CRiS, alternatively they can call us on 0203 282 1000.