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What is VIN CHIP™?

vin chip™ - industry standard in touring caravan protection...


VIN CHIP™ is a theft deterrent and identification system for touring caravans designed to deter criminals looking to steal touring caravans and to help aid the identification and recovery process. The VIN is the first thing the police look for to identify a touring caravan.
A specific 17-digit VIN is as unique as your fingerprint and VIN CHIP™ uses both visible and invisible markings using 3 key elements:

1 - Electronic RFID chip
Hidden inside the touring caravan making it more secure and easier for the police to detect and identify your property.
2 - Highly Visible Tamper Evident Lozenges
The lozenges contain the caravan’s unique 17-digit VIN and demonstrates to potential thieves that the caravan is protected by VIN CHIP™ security.
3 - Scannable QR Codes
Two tamper evident labels featuring QR codes and all the CRiS details including your unique VIN, one for the master window and one for inside the gas bottle locker. No other security system is quicker in establishing the identity of a touring caravan.

VIN CHIP™ comes as standard on all UK touring caravan models manufactured after 2016 by NCC members. Each unique VIN is recorded on the CRiS registration database meaning that if your caravan is stolen and either the police or a future buyer uses the VIN to conduct a CRiS Check,it will be flagged on the CRiS database as stolen. It is important to make sure your CRiS registration is up to date.

 VIN CHIP Protection

How can I get VIN CHIP™?

You can buy VIN CHIP™ here or by calling 0203 282 1000. We have three packages for you to choose from:

VIN CHIP™ Pack – suitable for pre-2016 caravans, including all you need to retrofit your touring caravan to ensure it is protected by the VIN Chip police traceable scheme. Find out more…

VIN CHIP™ Plus – suitable for all models, for added identification VIN CHIP™ Plus offers a unique VIN marking for internal and removable items. Find out more…

Bundle Package – keep your caravan and its removable items protected with both VIN CHIP™ and VIN CHIP™ Plus. Find out more…