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Please find below some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding the Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS) registration.

If the below does not provide you with the information you need then please contact us.


How do I carry out a CRiS Check?

There are 2 ways to carry out a CRiS Check.

  • Click here to perform a CRiS Check
  • Call our contact centre on 0203 282 1000 to speak to an advisor, we are open Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Please ensure that you have your VIN and a payment method of debit or credit card for the £17.95 CRiS Check fee to hand.

What does a CRiS Check tell me?

A CRiS Check will let you know if the caravan you are looking to purchase has ever been written off by an insurance Company, is subject to any outstanding finance and if the caravan is recorded on our security register. The CRiS check will also confirm how many previous registered keepers of the caravan there have been, the name of the current registered keeper if you are aware of it and the make, model and age of the caravan you are looking at.


How do I CRiS register that I am the new owner of a caravan?

There are several ways to register your tourer caravan:

  • If your caravan is brand new the dealer will register you for free automatically, there is no need to do anything
  • If you have the CRiS Registration Document from the previous owner you can fill out the CVR8 section and send it to our address: CRiS Ltd., PO BOX 445, Aldershot, GU11 9FS along with a cheque for £15.00 made Payable to CRiS Ltd
  • Call our contact centre on 0203 282 1000 to speak to an advisor, we are open Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Please ensure that you have your VIN and a payment method of debit or credit card for the £15.00 re-registration fee to hand


I've sold my caravan, what forms do I need to fill in?

On selling your CRiS Registered caravan please ensure that you fill out the CVR7 (Notification of Sale or Transfer) section of your Registration Document with the new keeper's details and post to CRiS. Please ensure that the named current keeper signs and dates the form as confirmation of the sale. Alternatively, you can advise CRiS of the sale of your caravan by calling the customer service team on: 0203 282 1000, our opening hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Or give your details by clicking: https://www.cris.co.uk/selling-your-caravan


How can I change my name or address?

You can change your name or address by calling 0203 282 1000. We will then be able to update your details on the database and provide you with a new security marked CRIS Registration Document and Keep Safe Card. Please have your VIN and credit or debit card to hand; there is a fee of £10.00


What are the benefits of registering my caravan with CRiS?

There are several benefits of registering your caravan with the CRiS Scheme:

  • It can prove easier for the police to verify ownership and aid the recovery of the caravan should it be stolen
  • Having the caravan registered to you can ease the sale of your caravan in the future
  • In the event of a claim, you may find that your touring caravan insurance company will only pay out on submission of a CRiS Touring Caravan Registration Document
  • CRiS can assist with any safety, security or warranty issues you may face whilst owning your caravan.
  • If you take your caravan abroad, it is advisable to carry your CRiS Registration Document with you to prove keepership of the touring caravan
  • VIN CHIP™ theft deterrent and identification system for touring caravans registration is only available to CRiS registered keepers
  • CRiS registration is only a one off fee of £15.00 for the lifetime that you own the caravan


Where can I find my caravan VIN Number?

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / chassis number, can be found in the bottom right hand corner of each window (on occasion this may exclude the front windows depending on the model). There will also be a stamp on your chassis, often on the A frame. You may find there are additional VIN plates positioned around your caravan e.g. in the door frame or gas locker.


Why does my VIN number have less than 17-digits?

There are several Reasons why your caravan may have a VIN or chassis with fewer than 17-digits:

  • If your caravan was manufactured before 1992 or outside of the UK, the caravan may never have been registered with CRiS and as such will not carry a CRiS standard 17-digit VIN. Instead you may find the Serial Number of the caravan which can vary in length depending on the manufacturer.
  • The VIN could have been tampered with (always check that the chassis plate number is a match with the number on the windows); if you are in doubt over the validity of your VIN or if the window etchings and chassis stamp differ you should contact CRiS immediately for further advice.


I want to buy a second-hand caravan but the owner has lost the documents, what do I do?

Your first step should be to perform a  CRiS Check. This is recommended before the purchase of any pre-owned touring caravan to ensure that you are making a safe purchase. Once you are satisfied with the CRiS Report and have purchased the caravan, registration is only a few clicks away.

What do the digits of my caravan VIN number mean?

The VIN or chassis number consists of a 17-digit number which includes the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) code, axle description, manufacturer model codes, the date letter and a unique serial number. If you would like to confirm further details of your caravan, or a caravan which you may be looking to purchase, you can carry out a CRiS Check with us.

Why doesn't the CRiS system recognise my VIN number?

There could be several reasons for the CRiS system not recognising your VIN:

Please ensure that the VIN you are using is 17 digits long, anything more or less will not be recognised. The VIN can be difficult to read from time to time '0' could be 'O's' and a '5' could be read as an 'S' Please check the number etched onto your windows with that on any paperwork you have as this can help remove any confusion over some of the hard to recognise characters.

To confirm details please don't hesitate to contact the CRiS customer service team.

How do I report my Caravan as stolen?

If your caravan has been stolen, always report the theft to the Police straight away and make sure that you are supplied with a Crime Reference number. If your caravan is insured or has a tracker, you should also contact the insurance and tracker company. Find further information here.

Once reported to the relevant parties, contact us on: 0203 282 1000 Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm or Sunday 10am-5pm with your VIN ready. We will take full details of theft, so that we can work with the police and authorities as well as update our records to ensure that no one else can register your caravan as theirs.

Is it worth CRiS registering my old caravan?

Registration is of great value for caravans of any age. Any caravan manufactured in the UK since 1992 will have been automatically registered with CRiS when it was built and first purchased. You can register caravans preceding this date through our Pre 1992 process. The registration process is broken down into two parts:

The first part includes a provenance check, which confirms the age of the caravan, that the caravan details are correct and also whether the caravan is recorded on the security register. Once all provenance checks have cleared, we create a unique VIN number for the tourer as the second part of the proess. We also provide you with a CRiS Security Identification Kit which will provide you with a window etching kit, electronic RFID Tag and your CRiS Registration Document with Keep Safe wallet card. You can find out more here.

Where can I get a replacement or duplicate caravan Registration Document?

If you have lost, accidentally damaged, would like a duplicate copy or simply want to upgrade to the new style security marked CRIS Registration Document and Keep Safe Card, our online Replacement Service is quick and easy to use - click here to order a replacement CRiS document or to find out more. You can also telephone us on: 0203 282 1000. Please have your VIN and credit or debit card to hand; there is a fee of £10.00 to cover the cost of the replacement document.

Is it worth CRiS registering my foreign imported caravan?

You can register your imported caravan through our Import process. The benefits of registration are not limited to UK caravans and are arguably even greater for imported caravans not previously registered with the CRiS Scheme. Not only will you benefit in the same way as the owner of a UK manufactured caravan, you will also be able to add the CRiS standard 17-digit VIN to your caravan with the etching kit and RFID tag provided as part of the registration process. Click here to register an imported caravan.

I've just discovered that my new caravan has been reported as stolen after performing a CRiS Check, what do I do?

Most importantly, don't panic. Please contact us or call 0203 282 1000 with your VIN ready; we will then take full details of your purchase and escalate this internally. We will also liaise with the Police and insurance companies to ascertain any third party interest. 

My VIN number doesn't match my CRiS Registration Document, how do I correct it?

Please contact us or call our office on: 0203 282 1000 with both the VIN number from your caravan and the VIN stated on the CRiS Registration Document. We can ascertain where the difference occurred and how to correct the documentation. Please ensure that you check the VIN etched into the windows of your caravan is the same on each one. If your caravan has had a window replaced with a second-hand one this can lead to confusion when registering.

I have bought a second-hand caravan but it has never been CRiS registered. Can I still change the ownership?

Depending on the age of the caravan, you can register it in two ways:

  • If the caravan was manufactured after 1992, simply visit our Registration Page.
  • If the caravan was manufactured before 1992, click here to register through our Pre 1992 registration process.

What do I need to export my caravan to another country?

To export your caravan you will need ensure that you are the registered keeper and also make sure that you have the CRiS Registration Document to prove that you are the registered keeper. You may also require further documentation around the caravan itself, please check with the local authorities in your destination country for full details. For more information click here, to register as the keeper of your caravan click here or contact us.

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Carrying out a CRiS Check provides you with reassurance that a used caravan is as exactly as it appears, or, if not, enables you to build an accurate picture of its history.

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