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Register a Pre-92 caravan

Touring caravans manufactured prior to 1992 are not automatically registered with CRiS. However, if you are the keeper of such a caravan and wish to register with CRiS, please contact us to arrange a Pre-92 Registration Check and, if successful, a Pre-92 Registration.

What does a Pre-92 Registration Check cover?

  • Confirms the caravan details provided match those held by the manufacturer
  • Identifies any security alerts registered with the UK police and Interpol
  • Checks if it has outstanding finance
  • Checks if it has been written off by insurers
  • Checks current CRiS records currently held against the caravan
  • Confirms your identification

The checks help us to protect you by ensuring, as far as we reasonably can, that the caravan is legitimate.

On successful completion of a Pre-92 Registration Check you can register the caravan, and yourself as the keeper, with CRiS.  Your caravan retains its’ original identity and if it does not have a unique 17 digit VIN CRiS will issue one.

What does Pre-92 Registration include?

  • An anti-counterfeit registration document
  • A keep safe card containing key caravan information
  • A unique VIN Chip pack – the industry standard in touring caravan identification and theft deterrent

Together CRiS Registration and VIN Chip help protect what’s precious to you. The VIN number is the first thing the police look for to identify a touring caravan.  The introduction of VIN Chip supports a fast and reliable process of confirmation, as well as being a great deterrent to would be thieves.

The total cost for a Pre-92 pre-registration check (£19.99) and registration (£45.00) combined is £64.99. 

In the unlikely event that, as a result of the pre-registration check, we are unable to register your caravan we will refund the registration fee of £45.00.

To Check and Register call 0203 282 1000