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Our contact centre is open 09.00 – 17.30 Monday to Friday, call us on 0203 282 1000

CRiS is the National Register of UK touring caravan keepers, similar to the DVLA and is recognised by the regulatory bodies, insurance companies and Police forces.

Why is CRiS Registration important for caravan keepers?

  • Proves you are the registered keeper

  • Links a caravan’s unique 17 digit VIN to a CRiS keeper record

  • Assists the police and enforcement

  • VIN CHIP®, the new industry standard in touring caravan identification, uses a caravan’s unique VIN within both visible and invisible caravan VIN CHIP® Elements

  • Many insurance companies require CRiS registration before processing a claim

  • Helps manufacturer product recalls and warranty

You can register your touring caravan, quickly and easily by clicking 'Register Now' below.

CRiS registration is only a one off fee for the lifetime that you are registered as the keeper of the caravan! All the peace of mind that CRiS registration offers, for just £20.95, why wait, register now.

For Registration within the Republic of Ireland, please call CRiS on 0203 282 1000.

If you are registering a brand new caravan please refer to the dealer you purchased the caravan from as this notification needs to be submitted by them. Please do not proceed with this registration as you will be charged. Register now
REGISTER A PRE-92 CARAVAN Touring caravans manufactured prior to 1992 are not automatically registered with CRiS. Register REGISTER AN IMPORTED CARAVAN Touring caravans imported from overseas are not automatically registered with CRiS. Register