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VIN CHIP™ RFID tag used to identify Touring Caravan

lunar caravan recovery

Arrests have been made following a recent discovery of a Lunar Delta Caravan at an address in Norfolk. Operation officers arrived at the location to find the original ID features on the caravan had been removed/attempted to be removed.

The ID of the caravan was confirmed through the use of the team’s caravan scanner which highlighted the VIN on the hidden VIN CHIP™ RFID tag. Checking against the CRiS database, the only comprehensive source of caravan theft information covering the UK and the Republic of Ireland, confirmed it had been stolen earlier in March.

Due to the ID of the caravan being covered or removed it was virtually impossible to identify the caravan when officers were at the location. The scanner, that subsequently revealed the caravans VIN number, and the hidden VIN CHIP™ RFID tag was the only way under the circumstances that this touring caravan could be identified.

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